Carmelo Guastella, Kate Riley, Fraser T Smith web design and development examples
Case study 1:

Web design and development: Established in field, no online presence

Cases: Carmelo Guastella (celebrity barber), Kate Riley (Sky News presenter), Fraser T Smith (Grammy award winning music producer)

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The problem:

It always surprises us to hear of a business that does not have a website. Though it is still not impossible in the digital age in which we live for companies or individuals to have risen in their field with no online status, it does greatly hinder your marketing potential if you do not have even a simple website. With so many online portals making it easier for unknowns to become established (YouTube, Facebook and blogging sites etc). How can you keep ahead of the competition in your field?

If you don't have a website you are missing out on all of this potential business... A website is important because it helps you establish credibility as a business Superweb Analyst (

The solution:
Kate Riley custom web design and development examples for mobile, tablet and desktop

We deliver fully customized bespoke websites which are designed specifically for use on all popular modern devices (mobile, tablet & desktop).

All solutions are designed with your business in mind. Your brand and what you deliver is immediately distinguished and your services are not hidden in hard to reach pages*. An easy to use Content Management System (CMS) means you will be able to update your own website with ease at no extra cost.

* Cheap template websites are advertised which you can download and build yourself. The architecture of these sites is not designed for your service which often results in key pieces of information not being at the forefront.

Fraser T Smith web design and development examples helping to establish credibility

The satisfaction of our clients is integral to our business. Here are just a few things that the owners of the above solutions have said:

Carmelo's website looks great, he gets loads of work through it. Andy Hipkiss, Founder of Triple A Media (Carmelo's agent).

After working closely with Antiblanks to create an online profile, I have be able to direct clients and employers to a clean and clearly laid out site. As a result, I have increased my client base and gained lucrative contracts... From the start, I felt Dan listened to me and my needs. He was able to deliver a sleek website in a short space of time. Despite the pressure to deliver, he didn't compromise on design or creativity. Kate Riley, Sky News presenter.