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Case study 3:

Web design and development, mobile app design and development: I've had an idea, now what do I do?

Cases: The Horror Show (Video on demand website)

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The problem:

So you’ve had that big idea, you’ve got the budget together and you’re wondering ‘Now what do I do?’.

Firstly congratulations! But you’re not alone; online and mobile services have exploded over the past 10 years and there are heaps of entrepreneurs coming up with ideas and running tech startups all over the world. We know that you think your idea is the best thing since sliced bread and ‘people will just use it’. But believe us when we say every inventor feels exactly the same and the reality is that 90% of tech startups fail!* With the odds stacked against you how will you ensure that your application is a hit?

* Statistics taken from Mashable (http://mashable.com/2013/02/04/why-startups-fail).

The solution:

It’s not rocket science!

First you need a great product. By that we mean; not just a great idea but one that has been well executed. Many tech startups fail because they don't develop a product that meets the market need*. We have a wealth of experience in helping entrepreneurs design, build and release web and mobile applications. We start by profiling your vision and helping you to develop your idea and make decisions about the best vehicle for your product. We create a brand which is on point and relevant within the market you are about to enter.

* Based on information taken from forentrepreneurs.com (http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/business-models/why-startups-fail).

App Gravity example of creating the right brand for your audience

Next we work with you to create a product design and a user interface (UI) which is simple to use and compliments your brand’s ideology. We then build your product using the medium which is best suited to the platforms you are targeting and most importantly; your budget*.

* Often the best technology is the most expensive and though we suggest you use the best suited technology available we will always present alternative options which will get the job done for less so you can make an informed decision before we start work.

To meet the budget we adapted an Ecommerce framework to be a video on demand service

Once the product has been tested thoroughly across all supported platforms/devices and is ready to be released we will manage the deployment of your application including the server configuration, place it in the relevant install locations (for mobile applications this could be iTunes or the Google Play Store etc) and maintain the application if necessary.

The next step is to consider your supporting material; primarily social channels and a supporting online shop window (for mobile applications). All of which we can help you setup and maintain if required. We can also point you in the direction of marketeers who have experience in launching products and can help you target your user base, analyse their behaviour and drive traffic.


The satisfaction of our clients is integral to our business. Here are just a few words that the owner of the above solution has said:

Antiblanks came highly recommended and I'm so glad somebody turned me onto them. Working with them has been an amazing experience over the past two years – we literally couldn't have achieved what we set out to do as quickly and painlessly if we had worked with someone else. Picking them as both our website builder and ongoing webmaster/manager has been the best decision we made since we started TheHorrorShow.TV David Hughes, Founder of TheHorrorShow.TV