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Case study 2:

Web design and development: Unfulfilled online potential

Cases: App Gravity (mobile application market place)

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The problem:

Ten years ago it was clever to have a website but times have changed and with it so to have online user habits.

Handheld internet browsing has doubled in the last four years from 24% to 58%*. User-friendly, well-considered interfaces are now the norm and are expected by your potential customers; if you are lucky enough for your website to work on the modern device from which it is being viewed, a standard or old fashioned website can make your company look dated and a bad User Experience (UX) can often turn users away.

* Statistics taken from The Office for National Statistics (http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/rdit2/internet-access---households-and-individuals/2014/stb-ia-2014.html).

Does your website look good on a mobile phone?
The solution:

We create applications which are platform or device specific (IOS, Android & Windows). And we build websites which are compatible with all browsers and look great on all popular devices.

Whether you need a responsive website which scales to fit all manor of screen sizes (mobile, tablet & desktop) or a mobile application to enhance or compliment your existing online presence, we can provide a solution which suits you and is tailored to meet your budget.

Custom designs for mobile, tablet and desktop
The outcome:

Having a responsive website rebuild increased users and revenue.

When we started working with App Gravity they had only a desktop website, were attracting approximately 10,000 to 20,000 unique users a day and generating a respectable amount of revenue from Google Adsense advertising. We helped modernize their site delivering a multi-platform responsive solution which was more user friendly. After releasing the updated website, unique users rose to just under 40,000 and revenue from advertising increased by 12 times.

App Gravity responsive website release graph showing increased users and revenue