BEM done right || BEM correctly

As a developer, naming things is difficult! I have certainly learnt this through experience and so this is where BEM steps in. Or at least it should do: Concept BEM stands for Block, Element and Modifier. It’s a way of naming the classes you apply on your HTML-elements. Think of a block as your component,… Read more »

Top front end website design technologies for 2016

It’s December already and we are well on the way to 2016. This last year has seen many advances in web design technology, not unexpectedly the continual growth of full stack, single page JavaScript applications. These types of applications continue to gain traction and with them so to does the credibility of JavaScript as a language… Read more »

Individuality in Website Design Agencies

Who knows how many web design agencies there are in London? Thousands surely. Then add all those in the ever expanding markets in the likes of Brighton, Manchester and Bristol to name but a few. Hopefully all have plenty of client work to keep them busy and pay their bills and all have the ability… Read more »

Top tips to write a good freelance front-end web developer C.V

It’s Monday morning and which is often the case at the start of a new working week we have a healthy stack of freelance front-end developer C.V’s to review. Whether it’s a hire for ourselves or often consulting for other businesses to hire freelancers, we see a lot of freelance front-end developer C.V’s and you’d be surprised… Read more »

Top 5 website design & development tools

At Antiblanks we like to try out as many new technologies as we can. Introducing new website design & development tools and libraries into our development stack on a per-project basis is a great way to see what’s out there and test the water to see what sticks and what doesn’t. It also helps us to generate more business,… Read more »

Professional web design vs do-it-yourself web design

Your website reflects you as a business and as a professional so a half-baked effort is how your customers will perceive you. So if you are really serious about your business you should have your website designed & built professionally. Designing a website might seem like a simple task to many people, especially when there… Read more »