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Client: Trust The DJ
Description: Consolidating artist feeds from YouTube, SoundCloud and MixCloud into a single embeddable widget which can seamlessly play through posts on all modern browsers and devices.

The brief was simple but the development challenges posed were quite complex. Playing media from three different vendors who all have very different API's was never going to be easy. Mix into that the varying media playback restrictions applied by most common devices and suddenly things don't seem as simple.

Our solution was lightweight and elegant. The media player instance acts as an application which constructs an MVC framework consisting of a display view, controller and state. Each media player is an interface of an abstract media player ensuring the entry points and events broadcast are consistent; though each player is vastly different in how it works, each instance can be interacted with in the same way. The application has a media players factory to build the players and a manager to manage the instances. When a track is clicked, the correct media player is selected and playback is initiated. The application then responds to events dispatched by the player and acts accordingly.

The resulting application looks slick and works well. It's something we're proud of. It's well architected and easy to debug. It's also incredibly easy to support more media players should the need arise.
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